Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Slow Down and Chain Up in the Snow!

The driver of this truck took the wrong road (followed his GPS) that took him down a dirt logging road with no where to turn a big rig around.  He slid off the road and got stuck 10 miles up the road.
Should of chained up !
Didn't Chain up and ripped the Cab...  off the frame of truck!

Notice, No tire tracks...!!! YAHOOOO ...what a ride. Truck and Trailer Ran/Slid off roadway, hit a berm, caught some air, and did a belly flop.?!?!

USF Reddaway slipped over the edge! No real damage to the truck.
The warning sign to Chain for Safety!!   Granted... it is work to Chain up a Big Rig!!
Logging truck roll over on slick Mountain roadway.
Clayton's Heavy Duty Towing service's all of Northern California in all weather and road conditions.
May Transport Truck Rolled over near Burney Falls.
Once we emptied the trailer of Welch's fruit juice we started the upright process.
This Big Rig took a wrong turn then slid off a dirt road.  Winched him out of ditch, chained him up, guided him several miles backwards....    back out to Highway 89.
California Heavy Duty Towing at its bests!

towing RV  Towing Motorhome

Flatbed Truck Wreck

Big Rig Wreck, this Flatbed Truck loaded with large logs rolled over.
 The driver almost had a passenger for the day who decided not to get up early and spend this day  in the logging truck.       Good choice on this day!         The passenger side was severely damaged.
"Justin" doing what he does best here at Clayton's Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lost Important Pin in Steering Wheel

This truck lost a Important Pin/Bolt in the Steering shaft at 60mph caused  major Big Rig wreck and lucky no injury!!!!
A little fuel clean up needed.  This was in Northern California on I-5 used 2 Heavy Duty Wrecker and 1 Medium Duty Wrecker to recover a very Heavy container back up onto roadway.
What a ride!!

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