Thursday, December 20, 2012

BIg Rig Hay Truck on Fire

Hay Truck on Fire!
Once the fire was completely out, this Big Rig Truck was towed
off Hwy 299 in Northern California.
Wet heavy hay clean-up mess! 

Clayton's Heavy Towing is ready 24 hours to assist in any Heavy Duty recovery, for Big Rigs, RV's, Motorhomes, & specialized hauling.

Servicing all of northern California, from Williams to Yreka along I-5, Hwy 299, Hwy 89, Hwy 36.
Based out of south Redding, and Mt. Shasta.

Monday, December 17, 2012

I-5 Big Rig Wreck

Found these old picture's this week of an I-5 Big Rig wreck.
Violent Truck Wreck
Even the Engine was separated from frame!
The driver was pushed back into the sleeper somehowm but fortunately in the wreck.  The sleeper was upside-down and rescue had to use jaws-of-life to get him out.  He only got a black eye and some bump & bruises on his head. 
Very lucky....AMAZING!
The truck ran off road north of Shasta Lake on I-5 and hit a 3 foot around solid oak tree (broke the oak tree in half) the cab was tossed about 25-30 feet past the engine and on it's top. The 53' Trailer was distroyed and the boxes of Walla Walla apples where soaked in diesel fuel. 
This was another big recovery for Clayton's Heavy Duty Towing!  

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Large Monster Articulating Dump Truck

Trip to accident site a few days before recovery to get a look at what would
be needed for rigging and a successful recovery.
This is located on the road from Hayfork to Hyampom in Northern California.
The large dump truck landed in the river about 200 feet down.

Justin, planned and put together a rigging and safety plan for the Clayton's Heavy Duty Towing team
to recovery this monster piece of equipment out of the river.

Follow our blog further down to see more picture's of this amazing recovery.

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Monster Dump Truck Wreck

Justin starting down the hillside to start rigging for the recovery of Large dump truck   
Clayton's Heavy Duty Towing and

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Recovery to handle most any situation.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Large Articulating Dump Truck Over the Hill in River

Monster Truck Recovery
Near Hyampom Up in the Northern California Mountains!

 The picture is zoomed in, truck is down about 200 feet from top!
 This Recovery took all of our extra Cable and Snatch Blocks
 While Clayton's Towing rigging team worked the machanic team prepared truck so all the fluids would not leak out during the recovery up the hillside, out of the river.
 Justin instructing the team for his game plan!
 The hillside was so steep that every trip up and down the men had to use repelling equipment, there was a negative drop close to the botton, the ground was loose and rocks where constantly rolling near the recovery team with every movement of man, and winch lines.
 You just never know in the Heavy Duty Towning and Recovery Business what your next job will be? Or what you will have to do to get the next job done! 
 Recovery and winching equipment going up and down hillside
 Just starting the hard pull! This is close to 70,000lbs and all but 2 tires where flat, with bent fender into one of them, which made a bad drag for the recovery. The truck keep tracting off to the side and snatch blocks and line had to be constantly re-set....huge job each time!
Justin and his team did such an incredible job!!!

 Antoher shot of how tough and steep the terrains was that added to the challenge of this remarkable recovery!!
 Final getting to the top after multiple times of re-rigging snatch blocks and line on this Monster to get it out of the river up to the top!
 All most there!
Clayton's Heavy Duty Towing of Redding California was put to the test, with of one of the toughest Recovery's they have ever had.  Justin, planned and prepared his team and preformed a very skilled and outstanding job. Safety was a very important part of the planning and that too was accomplished with this Safe recovery!!

Please visit our website at  Our goal is to serve all of northern California heavy duty towing, recovery and specialized hauling with our highly trained team.  We service the I-5 freeway from Williams, to the Yreka with all the main towns in between like Corning, Dunsmuir, Mt. Shasta, Weed, and hwy 299 from Eureka to Burney, Hwy 44 Redding to Susanville.  We can go into Oregon, and  Nevada on request allow time for permits on some jobs.

Monday, June 25, 2012


 Messy Hay Truck Wreck on both sides of the Highway 299
 Some hay was lost in the creek below
 Tree's saved most of the bails of hay from the creek
 Truck and Trailer recovery done.... now for the hay clean-up
 Rigging and hauling hay bails up the hillside
Clayton's big rig recovery team on-site working out a plan.  
Years of experience allow us to get on scene and get the job done fast and efficiently to help you get back to business!

Friday, June 8, 2012

"Sampson" New Tow Truck

 Not quite done, but close!
 Getting Close
 Added some shine!
 Tunnel Box and Light bar before paint
 Putting it together!
 Fresh Red Paint
 Before Paint
 Nothing gets left out....
 Kenworth before
 Primer Hood
NRC and Kenworth before.... all the Red Paint
This NRC Tow Equipment is going to be a great new addition to Clayton's Towing and Recovery Service.
Our goal is to serve and provide safe quality towing in Redding California and surrounding area with best equiped and trained operator's.

A Heavy Duty Tow Truck Coming!!

In the Beginning....

 New Color
Piece by Piece
Stay tuned for the Finish!

Clayton's Heavy Duty Towing is adding a New Tow Truck to help service all of our customer's more efficently in Northern California.  Our fleet of tow truck run from Yreka, Mt. Shasta, Weed, Redding, Corning, Willows, Eureka, Susanville, Burney, Weaverville, Klamath Falls, Oregon, and Western Nevada.
Specialize in towing RV, and Motorhomes of all sizes, load adjustments, & Recovery.
Our operators have been CTTA trained and many years of experience.
We have 3 locations to help service you and save you money on your towing needs in
Mt. Shasta at the South Weed Exit, Redding off Catepillar Road, Anderson off I-5.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Greyhound Bus Wreck 

Two Heavy Duty Wrecker's winching bus up onto I-5 
Second bus to transport passengers
This accident happened just before the morning commute into town with about a 90 minute road closure.
 to the rescue!
All of Clayton's Equipment is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our passion and specialty with 4 Heavy Duty CTTA Certified operators with over 25 years experience.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Interstate 5 and Cypress overcrossing Wreck

The sun is finally coming up!!
Clayton's Towing Recovery team get a very early morning dispatch for this recovery on I-5 and the Cypress Avenue off ramp in Redding.

We handle every type of Towing need.